The Miranda admonishment includes:

"You have the right to remain SILENT.  Anything you say CAN and WILL be used against you."

Should you talk to the police; should you answer their questions?  NO. Exercise your right to remain SILENT and ask for your lawyer!

Attorney Moses has been defending Juvenile and Family law Clients in and out of the courtroom since 1998.  He provides a vigorous defense at all phases of your case, from Pre-arraignment, Consultation and Negotiation with Prosecutors and DAs, Arraignment, Pretrial Proceedings, Trial, and Post-trial. 

Our fees are structured to afford you the maximum efficiency at each state of the proceedings.


We have a bail bond agent available 24/7.  CALL US before calling a bail bond agent - you can save a substantial amount of money over contacting them on your own.  


Criminal Law

Law Office of Marc Andrew Moses

We are here to help you make the transition to the next phase of your life as simple and painless as possible.  Call Immediately for a free initial consultation.  for immediate needs, Attorney Moses can meet at your location  - in jail, at court, or other agreed-upon location.  If your family member or friend is in custody call immediately.

Felony and Misdemeanor Defense:

Drunk Driving DUI / DWI

Drug Charges

Sex Charges  - Solicitation

Assault / Battery
Theft / Embezzlement
Illegal Possession of a Weapon

Firearms Restoration
Probation Violation
Vehicular Manslaughter
Domestic Violence

Child / Elder Abuse

Child Endangerment

Property Crimes

Expungement / Sealing Records

All Charges - State and Federal