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LEGACY PLANNING   Passing on individual values, family traditions and history, personal requests, your reputation, and wealth – to the right people, in the right way – because your life cannot be calculated in cold dollars and cents.

  • Who will make financial decisions for you when you cannot?
  • Who will make healthcare decisions for you when you cannot?
  • Can you make provisions for personal property to keep your heirs from disagreeing among themselves?

We will help you answer these questions and many more.

Estate and Legacy Planning

ESTATE PLANNING   Wills – Trusts – Special needs trusts – Insurance trusts – Tax planning – Inheritance planning – Generation skipping trusts – Powers of attorney – Life insurance trusts – Healthcare directives – Avoiding probate – Personal property division worksheets – Asset protection - Keep your affairs private.

Estate planning is more than just the transfer of wealth to the next generation - it is  helping to establish your Family's future, recognize your contributions, and create future family dynamics.  

The process can be as simple as creating a will, or may involve many documents to take care of many needs.  For example, no child's need  is the same as the other, so there may be different trusts.  You may need planning to  avoid estate taxes.


YOUR LEGACY- continue what you started.™